Free Lettering practice sheets

Free lettering practice sheets so you can rock brush lettering like a boss! Upload them to your procreate app or just use with a marker!

I get asked all the time about hand lettering! I love it (I’ve been doing it for years!) I find it very relaxing–wayyyy more than coloring those crazy intricate coloring sheets! So when people express interest in lettering- I want them to love it as much as I do! So I sat down and whipped up a few free lettering sheets that you can practice with! Grab your closest pen and trace over and see if you love it! Thin strokes, thick strokes down! If you want to know what pens are my favorite- you can go here!


I did just publish a video all about how to start hand lettering! The very basics! You can watch it here!

These can be used for both hand lettering and uploaded into your procreate app on your ipad to practice with!


Practice sheets are the reason I started to get the hang of my procreate app. There were so many brushes and sizes- quite overwhelming- So I had one abc set and just went over it and over with every single brush I had and picked my favorites from there!



Have a crafty day!

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